Coffee Culture Tour

Diapositiva14 800x533 Recorrido Cultura Cafetera

RECUCA WITH Bogart $17.000 (Defendant Culture Coffee with Bogart (drink)
RECUCA WITH Bitute $30,000 (Defendant Culture Coffee with Bogart (drink) y Bitute (lunch)
CAFETERITOS $17,000 Every Child Pay (Coffee Culture Tour for Kids 5 a 10 years old)

CHILDREN with height less than 1,10 meters, cancel the 50%.

TELEPHONE -096- 74410684 Armenia- Quindio, Colombia
CELL 3218020524 / 3162218052 Alfredo Sáenz to Diana Duran
OFFICE Terminal Transport Armenia, Local 41 y Local 201
Hours : Lunes a Lunes 7:30 AM- 6:30 PM
Form of Payment: Cash.

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2 Responses to Coffee Culture Tour

  1. Jinna Palacios says:

    Buenas tardes

    Agradezco me envien una cotizacion para 5 people, para el domingo 3 de noviembre visitando los siguientes sitios: Springs of Santa Rosa, Salento y Cocora

    Muchas gracias

  2. wendy velez zambrano says:

    hola, me interesa un paquete todo incluido para mi y mi hijo de 5 years old, para marzo de este año, thanks

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